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Welcome to the Sisters Bistro where the popular legendary open sandwich, the “treasure” of the Czech gastronomy, has been made for several years now. The place has been a member of the Together network of restaurants since 2018.

We are located in the centre of Prague in Dlouhá street where you can find the best culinary treats in the city. We are situated between Cukrář Skála confectionery and Amaso. Our sandwiches, which are healthy and really modern-looking, can also be ordered in our e-shopu. Packs full of delicious sandwiches are delivered all over Prague and in its near surroundings.

Our seasonal open sandwiches are created by Vladimír Čech, whose legendary creativity and attention to detail is reflected not only in their taste but in their remarkable presentation. The individual recipes and ingredients are prepared in cooperation with some of the top chefs of the Together.

We try to surprise our guests with the taste, appearance and an interesting combination of ingredients. Regardless of the various names given to our sandwiches by tourists, from “open sandwiches” to “bruschetta cecha”, we never forget that the real Czech sandwich must be fresh and prepared on site where it is sold. The Czech sandwich cannot be folded, chilled or copied.

Sisters Bistro